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President's Message | November 2017 Newsletter


Every year for as long as anyone can remember, the Albany County Bar Association has held a memorial service to remember members who have passed away during the previous year. The service is traditionally held at the Albany County Courthouse during on the first Monday of December. This year’s date is December 4, 2017 at 9:30 AM. Please come.

The Memorial will be presided over by Hon. L. Michael Mackey, JSC, Presiding Justice and is always attended by all of the Albany County Judges as well as Jurists from neighboring counties.

The Memorial Service Committee is chaired by BJ Costello. The Committee is responsible for tracking the passing of deceased members and contacting an appropriate eulogizer. Families are invited and a stenographic record is made and presented to them.

This year the ACBA will be honoring and remembering:

• William J. Conboy, II, eulogized by Paul Collins

• John T. Garry, eulogized by Michael Garry

• Louis Dempf, Jr., eulogized by Michael Costello

• William J. Hoblock, eulogized by Susan Hoblock deVoe

• Sol Greenberg, eulogized by Chris Rutnik

• Harold Rosenthal, eulogized by Steven B. Steinhardt

• Stephen A. Safranko, eulogized by Andrew Safranko

• John Eric Higgins, eulogized by William Anthony and Vincent Polsinelli

• John J. Lynch, eulogized by Hon. Joseph Sise

• Peter Preiser, eulogized by Cynthia Preiser

To me, the Memorial Service is one of the most important events the ACBA presents. It is a chance to recall and honor our fellow members knowing that someday we too will be remembered.

You will bear witness to some great eulogies. I still remember Johnathan Harvey’s eulogy of Fred Riester several years back. The best I have ever seen.

So please mark your calendars for December 4. Bring a young member and help keep this important tradition alive.


James E. Hacker, Esq.

ACBA President

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