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Attorneys in Public Service
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Attorneys in Public Service

Co-Chair Alina Buccella, Esq 
Co-Chair Ann Lapinski, Esq

The Attorneys in the Public Service Committee was formed to increase participation by public sector attorneys in the Albany County Bar Association. Attorneys that work for local, county, state and federal governmental agencies have differing needs than attorneys that practice in the private sector, and as such the APS Committee is committed to making sure those needs are recognized and addressed by the ACBA.


Award Reception

This year the Attorneys in Public Service Committee (APS) continued the Awards for Attorneys in Public Service, recognizing two individuals who have shown great commitment to, and performance in, public service.  They presented the Commitment to Excellence Award (for attorneys that have dedicated more than 10 years in public service) and the Trailblazer Award (for attorneys that have dedicated 10 or fewer years in public service) on June 15.

View the 2017 awards presentation video.

View photos from the event.


2018 Awards

To Nominate an attorney for a 2018 Commitment to Excellence or Trailblazer Award fill out the 2018 Nominee Application.


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