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President's Message | July/August 2019 Newsletter

Want to Find a President on July 4?

Try looking in a tent at Lake Meacham.
Growing up, my parents took the family camping during the summer for at least a week or more at Meacham Lake. Meacham is a State Park between Saranac Lake and Malone in the Adirondacks. Only tents and campers allowed at the north end of the lake, otherwise the views are water, trees, mountains and sky. So beautiful, I instructed my children to strap me to a tree looking out over the lake when I near the end.

The custom of camping at Meacham morphed into a July 4 family reunion for the Hurteau clan. The adventurous camp the weekend, while others find more substantial lodging. But whatever the sleeping arrangements, between thirty and forty gather at this lake that means so much to us all. We spend the time celebrating the passage of time by remembering, laughing, teasing and just being with each other. 

As we were leaving this year, my sister-in-law, who was part of the camping contingency, said “I think the camping thing has run its course” (a spontaneous outburst caused by a weekend of rain). Sleeping had not been easy and a good part of a day was spent in the tents. She quickly added that the only issue was the camping, not the gathering. She was telling me how she enjoys the shared experience of the lake, watching our children grow up and the past experiences from generation to generation. She would never give that up, just the soaking wet sleeping bags and black flies. >> Keep Reading

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