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President's Message | October 2019 Newsletter

Want to Find a President in Mid-October?

Try looking on a plane flying back to Albany from Los Angeles.  I spent the last week enjoying a work vacation, meaning my wife and I took some time to enjoy the sun a few days before I had to be at meetings the latter part of the week.  I was charged by Marquita Rhodes (our incredible Executive Director) to finish this message before tomorrow, so I am now diligently writing on the plane. 

While out on the left coast, I happened to attend a meeting concerning the prevalence of mental health and dependency issues in the legal profession.  The speaker, after providing some scary statistics, implored the audience (all attorneys) to shed stereotypes that accompany the march to so-called success in this profession.  She focused on the inevitable stress that we deal with every day, and argued that it is not a badge of honor or something to be ignored or resolved with alcohol or drugs.  And those that are struggling to deal with stress are not somehow less than those that seem able to handle the stress.  Indeed, stress is something that must be recognized and dealt with in a positive and constructive manner. 

The speaker spent the remainder of the talk focusing on simple things that everyone can do to improve their well-being.  She gave a long list of ideas, asking each person to pick three and religiously practice for one month (to help form a healthy habit).  I am not going to replicate her list, but a few seemed so easy and potentially helpful, that I want to pass them along.

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