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A Statement from the President and the Board of Directors

Our Association has been a voice for the Albany legal community for more than a century, committed to facilitating public service and access to justice for all. In response to the brutality in Minneapolis, we are reminded of the words Martin Luther King Jr. wrote in 1963 from a jail cell in Birmingham - “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly." 

We add our voice in solidarity with those who seek the social equity and justice promised to all citizens under our laws. To those who have experienced loss, and to those who are suffering and mourning, we grieve with you. To those who seek peaceful change, we offer our support.

- Michael P. McDermott, ACBA President along with the Officers and Directors of the Albany County Bar Association



The Diversity Internship Committee of the Albany County Bar Association seeks to increase opportunities for underrepresented groups of future attorneys in the Capital District.


The foundation of our legal system is that everyone is equal before the law. Yet, inequities and systemic racism have long existed in our legal system.  The murder of George Floyd by a police officer is a reminder of the threat to those denied the protections afforded to them in interactions with law enforcement under the Constitution and the laws of a free society. Tragically, these reminders are frequent and public, adding to a collective trauma.

The Diversity Internship Committee stands in solidarity with those opposing racism and inequities before the law. The Committee wishes to express empathy and compassion to those suffering and grieve in this moment of mourning in hopes that there will be change in our system of laws. As attorneys of color and allies we stand in solidarity with those who pursue change through peaceful and effective advocacy. We believe that every person of color should know that there is inherent value in their presence in the world.


Please click here to read the NYS Judges of Color Statement Regarding Duties as Jurist and Commitment to Equal Treatment


June 2020 Newsletter

We are living in extraordinary times. Our social fabric, already stretched thin by the pandemic, is now in danger of being torn apart under the weight of long ignored social inequities and racial injustices. Our streets have become places of protest and unrest to a degree not witnessed in decades and the foundations of our justice system are being called into question. >>Keep reading the newsletter

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