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President's Message | September 2019 Newsletter

Mixing Things Up

Taking a different tact this month. It is September (or it was), so why not. Not going to ask where you can find a President in the fall (likely staring at leaves). Not going to tell you about an ACBA committee (although the Young Lawyers Committee is doing some great events in the fall). Not even going to discuss membership (but feel free to get friends and colleagues to join).

This newsletter is all about what is happening in the Third District that everyone needs to have on their radar. Whether you are regularly involved in litigation, litigation adjacent or just curious about how a case proceeds in the District, changes are coming.

A few months ago, I discussed the efforts underway to go with electronic filing in the Third District. As some might have noticed, it is already happening in ever more matters. The clerks in the District, Judge Breslin and his staff are working to make this a reality for all cases. And plans are underway for training on how to file cases electronically, with ACBA taking an active part in providing CLE credit for those programs.

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