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President's Message | Nov/Dec 2019 Newsletter

“Is there anybody out there?”

I was fifteen when Pink Floyd dropped The Wall.  Without telling my parents, I sent Columbia Records a dollar to get ten records (I clearly did not read the fine print) and one of those was The Wall. 

Music was a big deal.  My grandmother was the organist for our church, my father played lead guitar in a band and my mother played the piano constantly (likely to drown out the din).  The Hurteaus did not have a lot of things, but we had a piano, guitars, drum pads, some wind instruments and an amazing cabinet stereo console (millennials and Z’s will need to look this up).  The cabinet stereo console was the family jewel.  Not certain of this, but I think my parents took out an equity loan to buy it.  The only thing more prized was the oversized illustrated and tasseled bible that had its own table in the center of the living room. >> Keep Reading

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