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Diversity Internship Program
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Diversity Internship Program

The Albany County Bar Association Diversity Internship Program commenced in September of 2000 in an effort to broaden the opportunities for minority law students at Albany Law School to be exposed to practice in a private law firm setting.  The Association received awards for the program from both the New York State Bar Association (2002) and American Bar Association (2003).  In the years since the program’s inception, hundreds of law students have received paid internship opportunities at law firms in the Capital Region.  Many of the interns subsequently obtained full-time law firm employment and now are members of the Albany County Bar.   Over the years, the law firms of Bond, Schoeneck & King; Carter, Conboy; Nixon Peabody; Whiteman Osterman, McNamee Lochner, Wilson Elser, as well as others, have all welcomed students under the Diversity Internship Program.  We applaud them for their dedication to the program and their commitment to hastening the day when the private practice bar in the Capital Region reflects the full diversity of the area’s population.  

If your firm would like to consider providing an internship opportunity for minority law students, please contact Marquita Rhodes at the Albany County Bar Association or Jim Kelly at 464-1300, Ext. 312.

Below is a general internship timeline: 

Schedule Spring Semester Dates Fall Semester Dates
Law Firms Agree to Participate November 10 August 1
Students submit their applications December 15 August 5
Employers Interview Students (interview services available through Albany Law School or at the Firm's Office) Early January August 16-31
Law Firms make Selections Mid January Early September
Dates of Internship January 26 - April 6 September 19 - November 25

Student Intern Responsibilities

  • Complete a ten-week internship (100 hours; minimum of ten hours per week) with an assigned employer.
  • Attend any related receptions. (note: the time involved in attending the receptions is not considered part of the Intern’s commitment to work 100 hours).
  • Complete an evaluation of the Diversity Internship Program.


Employer Responsibilities

  • Accept students assigned by the program OR screen and interview Student during the designated time period.
  • Designate an attorney to serve as a Mentor for the Student Intern who will work with, consult, advise, and guide the Student Intern during their tenure with the Employer in the same manner as they do with other interns and new associates.
  • Exercise diligence and sensitivity to ensure that meaningful work assignments equivalent to those assigned to other interns and young associates are delegated to the Student Intern.
  • Evaluate the Student Intern as they would with any other law intern hired by them.
  • Complete an evaluation of the Program and provide any statistical data requested by the Committee.
  • Pay stipend of $1,800 per semester. 

For additional information contact:

Jim Kelly, Esq.
Roemer Wallens Gold & Mineaux, LLP
Phone: (518) 464-1300 ext. 312
Fax: (518) 464-1010


Mishka Woodley 
Shenker Russo Clark LLP
Phone: (434) 249-2360


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