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Lawyer Referral Program
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Lawyer Referral Service

Connecting the public to attorneys is the basic premise of the Lawyer Referral Service (LRS). Our service does more than that. We take the time to conduct a basic screening on calls and define which attorney might be best suited for the referral.

While the ACBA performs the services of arranging for an applicant to consult a lawyer; the ACBA assumes no responsibility of any kind or nature respecting the person referred or otherwise; the ACBA makes no representation concerning any lawyer to whom the applicant is referred except that such lawyer is licensed in the profession.

Here's How It Works

  • Albany County Bar Association's LRS registry of attorneys will be maintained on a rotating basis per category.
  • Clients contact the lawyer referred by ACBA and pay a fee of $25, in advance, for a consultation of one-half hour.
  • The lawyer's fee is to cover conference and advice only and does not include the preparation of letters or documents. For further services, a fee will be agreed upon between the client and the lawyer, remaining consistent with the prevailing rate of charges in the community.
  • Implemented in 2017, the LRS will collect an administrative fee when a referred client retains a panel attorney. This fee is calculated as follows: The first $500 of any aggregate fee received by the attorney on a referred matter shall be retained by the attorney. The attorney is to remit to the Lawyer Referral Service 10% of the excess over $500 of the aggregate fee received on a matter. For example, if a case generates a $6,000 fee, the attorney would remit $550 (10% of $5,500). We will contact you with a Referral Summary Report Form to remit your percentage fee on a quarterly basis.
  • The usual relationship of attorney and client shall exist and be preserved as if the client had directly consulted the lawyer.

Attorneys are restricted to being listed to a total of seven categories on the LRS. View the list of referral categories. The enrollment fee (due each year) is:


  • 1-2 Categories for $100
  • 3-4 Categories for $150
  • 5-6 Categories for $200
  • 7 Categories for $250


Signing up to participate in the program is easy. If you are an ACBA member, simply login and sign up for the Lawyer Referral Service in your membership profile. If you are enrolling in the LRS, there are additional forms that must be completed in order to receive client referrals. You can download the entire renewal packet. You are always welcome to contact our office and request more information (518) 445-7691 x116.



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