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Newsletter Committee
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Newsletter Committee

Chairperson: John Harwick, Esq. |

A communications gather point for all committees to share, the Newsletter Committee works to cultivate news, resources and happenings relevant to the ACBA membership. 



The primary purpose of the Albany County Bar Association ("ACBA") newsletter is to
provide ACBA's members with information and opinion/editorial on legal issues of
relevance to the Albany County bench and bar. All submissions intended to be printed in
the ACBA Newsletter must be provided to the ACBA staff prior to the monthly deadline
for such submissions. ACBA reserves the right to edit or not publish an~ submissions
that it deems to be not in the best interests of the ACBA or the community and
constituents it serves. The ACBA Executive Director shall refer to the ACBA Newsletter
Committee for review of any submission which, in the opinion of the Executive Director,
may violate this guideline. The ACBA Newsletter Committee shall review all such
submissions and make recommendations to the Executive Board, who shall vote on
whether to approve the recommendations of the Newsletter Committee. The ACBA
President and Executive Board have final editorial discretion and control for all
submissions. By way of example, and without limitation, ACBA generally will not
publish any submissions containing profane language; sexual content; content that
promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, color, age, religion,
gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, national original, sexual
orientation, or physical or mental disability; defamatory statements, content that
advocates violence or unlawful activity, or content which poses a threat to public safety
or security. Any material that is primarily of an opinion or editorial nature may be
labeled as such by ACBA, with a disclaimer noting that the author's opinion does not
necessarily represent the opinions of ACBA.

Date Adopted 12/2014

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