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Albany County Family Court Help Center
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Albany County Family Court Help Center

Hon. Fern A. FIsher, Lianne Pinchuk, Esq., Michael Friedman, Esq.,
Mary Withington, Esq.and, Carla Brocogh, Esq. talk about the legal aspects
of working in family court.

 This CLE is 2 hours and 39 minutes long, and 
worth 3 skills credits. Instructions are below.



  1. Listen to the audio here, and download the materials hereMake note of the “Embedded Code(s)” that will appear as an annotation during the CLE.
  2. After you watch and have the code(s), purchase the credit here. You will get a .pdf file e-mailed to you that contains the affirmation (required) and the evaluation (optional). Fill those out and get them back to me by mail or email.
  3. When I receive the affirmation, I will mail or email you back the completed credit.


If you have any questions, please email 
or call (518) 445-7691 x116.


The Albany County Bar Association provides hardship scholarships for those in need: See here for more information

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