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Identity Documents Project
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If you need help getting ID documents (like your birth certificate, Social Security card, Non-Driver Photo ID, or replacing your lost license) in New York's Capital Region, this guide can help!

Have you ever tried to get an identification document without already having some form of ID? It can be pretty complicated.  This guide is intended to provide information for the growing population of homeless, transient, and low-income citizens who need identification to access assistance and services in Albany County, but have nothing to start with. Some organizations, like Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless, the Homeless and Traveler's Aid Society, and others may be able to help you complete this process if you qualify for their services. The guide is also full of great basic information for anyone seeking help navigating the identity document process, regardless of their financial status.  

The Identity Documents Project of the Albany County Bar Association is always a work in progress. As we learn of changes in the identity document landscape of Albany County, we will do our best to keep the guide updated and easy to use.   

Identity Documents Guide

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