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The Memorial Service takes place each December to remember those who have passed during the year (November 1 through October 31.) Below is the program from the most recent service. View the calendar for this year's Memorial Service date.


View Pictures of the 2017 Memorial Service.

View the Program from the 2017 Memorial Service

Read the Transcript of the 2017 Memorial Service


2017 Memorial Service
December 4, 2017


Hon. L. Michael Mackey, JSCPresiding Justice

James E. Hacker, Esq., ACBA President

Bartley J. Costello III, Esq., Committee Chairman


William Conboy II, Esq.
       January 30, 2017
Eulogized by Paul Collins, Esq.


John T. Garry, Esq.
February 11, 2017
Eulogized by Michael Garry, Esq.



Louis Dempf, Jr., Esq.

       March 29, 2017
Eulogized by Michael Costello, Esq. 



Sol Greenberg, Esq.
          April 20, 2017
Eulogized by Christopher Rutnik, Esq.



Harold “Hal” Rosenthal, Esq.
                June 10, 2017
Eulogized by Steven B. Steinhardt, Esq.

Stephen A. Safranko, Esq.
             July 27, 2017
Eulogized by Andrew Safranko, Esq.



John E. Higgins, Esq.
        September 4, 2017
Eulogized by Vincent Polsinelli, Esq.




 John J. Lynch, Esq.
      September 11, 2017
Eulogized by Hon. Joseph Sise



Peter Preiser, Esq.
     October 12, 2017
Eulogized by Cynthia Preiser, Esq.

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