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In Memoriam
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The Memorial Service takes place each December to remember those who have passed during the year (December 1 through November 30.) Below is the program from the most recent service. View the calendar for this year's Memorial Service date.


View the Program from the 2018 Memorial Service

View the Transcript from the 2018 Memorial Service

View Photos from the 2018 Memorial Service


2018 Memorial Service
December 10, 2018


Honorable Christina L. Ryba, JSCACBA  President & Presiding Justice

Bartley J. Costello III, Esq., Committee Chairman


Honorable Francis W. Landry
       December 15, 2017
Eulogized by Joseph Culella


Jerome Lefkowitz, Esq.
December 21, 2017
Eulogized by John Wirenius, Esq.



Robert P. Roache, Esq.

       January 9, 2018
Eulogized by Honroable Joesph Teresi



Honorable Robert F. Doran
          January 15, 2018
Eulogized by Matthew H. McNamara, Esq.



Honorable Thomas W. Keegan
                February 17, 2018
Eulogized byHonorable John Egan

Terence J. Burke, Esq.
             February 22, 2018
Eulogized by Roland Cavalier, Esq.



Cynthia Dee Shenker, Esq.
        March 26, 2018
Eulogized by Douglas Clark, Esq.




 Honorable Nicholas J. Greisler, Jr.
      April 2, 2018
Eulogized by Gretchen Greisler, Esq.



Frank J. Lash, Esq.
     May 16, 2018
Eulogized by Stephen T. Helmer, Esq.



James Chilton Blackmore, Esq.
     May 24, 2018
Eulogized by James A. Resila, Esq.



 Thomas Roach, Jr., Esq.
     June 7, 2018
 by William Harris Esq.



James H. Tully, Jr., Esq.
     June 10, 2018
Eulogized by Susan Tully Abdo, Esq.



Fred Stanton Ackerman Esq.
     September 16, 2018
 by Andrew Safranko, Esq.



Francis Howard Anderson Esq.
     October 24, 2018
 by Michael Hutter, Esq.



Joseph F. Monaghan Esq.
     November 5, 2018
Eulogized by Jeremiah F. Manning, Esq.



Thomas W. Jeram, Esq.
     November 10, 2018
Eulogized by Honorable Roger Fritts

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